OADI Clients

Agenta Biotechnologies
Agenta Biotechnolgies is focusing on the role of blood vessels in disease and health. Agenta believes that biomolecules associated with the blood vessels are valuable targets in discovering approaches to maintaining health and in predicting or treating disease. Agenta is pursuing two platforms which relate to our focus on the role of the blood vessels and their related molecules. In our therapeutics platform, we are currently developing wound healing adjuncts for bone and skin. In our diagnostics platform, we are currently developing genetic kits of periodontal disease risk.

Alabama Small Business Development Consortium
The Alabama Small Business Development Consortium (ASBDC) is a consortium of eleven state universities that operate
business assistance programs. The ASBDC operates the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Procurement Technical Assistance (PTA) programs in the state of Alabama as well as the Alabama International Trade Center (AITC). The ASBDC operates 11 service centers and two satellite centers in the State of Alabama.

Archetype’s primary focus is the design, development, and marketing of computer hardware, software, and service products related to the wireless and security technology sectors. Archetype is committed to introducing new and innovative products that offer cost effective wireless solutions focused on connectivity, tracking, and encryption. Archetype’s flagship product is TerraTrace, the world’s only cost-effective global asset management service with no upfront cost.

Biological Innovations
Biological Innovations is a research & development company focusing on
promising technologies for bone graft fillers, ulcer/wound healing, and cartilage, tendon and ligament augmentations. Biological Innovations’ strength is its addition of
unique bio-absorbable polymer scaffolding and growth factors to deficient tissues. The company looks to develop these unique concepts into unique, marketable products.

Cancermedica is a researcher and developer of drugs to treat various types of cancer. The company focuses on the development of
novel anticancer drugs by the application of medicinal chemistry to anticancer alkylating agents in order to offer a cancer treatment with reduced systemic toxicity.

Durect Corporation is pioneering the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical systems for the treatment of chronic debilitating diseases and enabling biotechnology-based pharmaceutical products. Durect’s goal is to deliver the right drug to the right site in the right amount at the right time. With the acquisition of Southern BioSystems, Inc., Durect has additional capabilities to research, develop and manufacture other controlled-release drug delivery products to help clients commercialize human and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Folia, Inc.
Folia Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of new, high-performance, cost-effective amino acid polymers. These polymers are a broad-technology platform that can be used across a wide range of consumer, healthcare and industrial applications including powder coatings, detergent additives, water treatment, oilfield and construction chemicals, and personal care products (shampoos, conditioners, and lotions). The polymers can be reacted in water without
the use of solvents and can be used to make biodegradable products.. This new technology platform, which is covered by 16 patents, offers low-cost, simple production routes for a biodegradable replacement to polyacrylics.

Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
GTI is a research, development and training organization serving energy markets. GTI is dedicated to meeting the nation’s energy and environmental challenges by developing technology-based solutions for consumers, industry, and government that are reliable, affordable, safe and clean.

The Research and Deployment Division consists of three technology groups:

Energy Supply and Utilization
Distribution and Pipeline Technology
Hydrogen and Distributed Energy Systems.
Major customers are gas industry and
energy companies, equipment manufacturers, and government agencies with interests in energy and the environment.

Landmark Analytical
Landmark Analytical is an environmental laboratory that conducts test on air, water and mineral samples.

Persona Health Services
Persona Health Services Inc. is a community –based, home health care company that provides health care services to the elderly and disabled populations in a nine-county area, including Jefferson County and surrounding areas. The company contracts with individuals, nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities to provide care services and staffing. The company places special emphasis on restorative and
palliative care in a friendly environment.
Persona Health Services

RealTime Applications, Inc.
RealTime Applications specializes in both hardware and software products dedicated
to simplifying the development of web applications. Realtime’s software development platform, WyaNet(TM), quickly creates a team environment where applications can be created, modified, maintained and used seamlessly with a fraction of the time and resources that are typically needed. The patent pending WyaNet SmartBox is a “Plug and Play” stand alone box that contains all the necessary utilities to be a self maintained web application provider .

Vista Engineering & Consulting, LLC
Vista Engineering, Inc. is a materials research, development and consulting firm dedicated
to the creation of innovative, cost-effective solutions for materials design and application problems. Vista’s mission is to help its clients be successful by providing research-based, practical solutions for their materials needs and problems. The company’s areas of expertise include: materials research and application development in diamond coatings; materials processing technologies such as welding, casting, forging and machining; and solutions-focused, situation-specific computer modeling of materials and their processing and application.

Vista Engineering, Inc.
Vista was founded to develop manufacturing technologies and provide consulting and engineering services in materials and metallurgical engineering. The company
has a solution for the problem of manufacturing cutting tools used to machine advanced aluminum alloys for automotive, boat, and small utility engines. Vista’s patented process applies a smooth coating of diamond, two – thousandth of an inch thick, to tungsten carbide tools. This advancement in coating and cutting technology will allow automotive engines and drive trains to be machined at a fraction of their current costs and at higher quality. Vista owns the exclusive right to use this patented technology for cutting and machine tools.
It is Vista’s goal to develop and market diamond coatings and other diamond-based products as a subsidiary company.

Vaxin Inc.
Vaxin Inc. is an emerging biotechnology company developing vaccines and other biological products to address market and public health needs. The company uses proprietary technology for non-invasive delivery to the skin and nasal passages, and has shown proof of principle in animals and in initial human clinical studies. Vaxin is led by a management team with more than 100 years of combined vaccine experience, gained from major and entrepreneurial vaccine companies and government agencies.

EC Clients

Advanced Skin Technology
Advanced Skin Technology is the developer of Green Cream, a high potency retinol formulated to repair sun damage and reverse the effects of aging skin. Green Cream’s proprietary delivery mechanism, Green Polymer Cooling Gel (GPCG) allows it to carry one of the highest concentrations of retinol on the market today.

Analytic Focus

Analytic Focus provides solutions
to quantitative problems involving measurement, testing, forecasting and valuation in areas of finance/banking, insurance, risk management, and regulatory compliance. Analytic Focus also offers consulting and expert witnesses service on financial and economic issues involving complex litigation, including mass tort, product liability, antitrust, the environment, and insurance coverage.

Angel Security

Angel Security provides installation and support of home security and automation systems, offering to the homeowner high levels of control and monitoring over external security issues and internal lighting, entertainment, and HVAC systems.

Apex Clinical Trials
Apex develops clinical trial environments for pharmaceutical companies by recruiting physicians in a variety of practice areas and conducting training in required protocols and procedures.

Birmingham Business Resource Center
The Birmingham Business Resource Center offers financial and technical assistance to clients of the Birmingham Citywide Local Development Corporation, the Birmingham Community Development Corporation, and the Birmingham Microloan Program

Capital-South is a professional consulting firm dedicated to
serving the construction needs of our clients throughout the
southeast region. We provide program and project management services, design-build management support, constructability assessments, and ensure effective project controls are in place. We are committed to assisting our clients
in meeting their schedule, cost, and safety targets.

Circle Source
Circle Source is a global software services company providing custom technology solutions to enterprises worldwide. Combining proven expertise in technology, and an understanding of emerging
business domains, Circle Source delivers a range of services that includes e-business solutions, enterprise applications and product engineering. The company’s goal is to provide world-class technical expertise and business solutions to enable its clients to meet their business objectives faster and more cost effectively by outsourcing a skilled knowledge force at a remote location, for a fraction of the
original cost.


Exford is an architecture and construction management firm providing complete design services, with special emphasis on commercial, institutional, multi-family residential and retail developments. Construction Management is an additional service offered to benefit Exford’s clients; this service integrates the planning, design and construction phases into a comprehensive construction system implemented by a construction team formed by the owner, construction manager and architect that work together as partners focusing on meet the owners requirements.

Healthcare Supplements
Healthcare Supplements, Inc. (HCS) is a nutritional supplements company that develops, markets, sells and distributes a condition-specific line of supplements primarily through health-related organizations such as pharmacies and health systems. HCS has a team of marketing, clinical, and healthcare management professionals dedicated to
providing quality and affordable nutritional products while creating a profitable and identifiable nutrition option for pharmacy wholesalers/chains

Holistic Healthcare

Holistic Healthcare focuses on end-of-life in-home or inpatient hospice care. These services are administered by caring, skilled professionals with particular emphasis placed on promoting care that considers the medical, spiritual, and social needs of both patients and their families. The company’s services help to remove the patient’s fear of burden on caregivers, friends, and family.

Imagine Document Solutions

Imagine Document Solutions helps businesses address all of their electronic document management needs from analyzing clients’ current document filing systems to recommending and implementing full electronic document management solutions, including document systems software, user training and support throughout the lifecycle of each system.

Legal Imaging
Legal Imaging is a visual communications company providing video, forensic photography and other visual services for litigation support.
All of their video specialists are trained and certified by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), and are members of the Evidence Photographers International Council (EPIC).

Internet Broadcasting Corporation
Internet Broadcasting Corporation is a developer of educational and entertainment web portals featuring streaming video content by subscription. The company’s MyCoachOnline portal offers sports coaching tutorials featuring a number of well-known coaches in a variety of sports including baseball, basketball, football, softball, volleyball, and tennis.


Remtech is a developer of educational software applications offering the knowledge and tools necessary for users to make informed decisions concerning major life and financial events. Remtech’s interactive personal finance computer tutorial help educate students and young adults 14 years old and over on the practical aspects of financial decision-making in everyday life. Remtech works with schools,
school districts, adult education centers, non-profits, and other organizations and corporations to provide high quality financial education software, often through sponsored partnerships.

SanGuard Security Services

SanGuard offers courteous, professional guard services to a variety of businesses and governmental entities across the Birmingham area. SanGuard’s
team is continually trained, helping clients provide a strategic, high performance human element to the security of their facilities.

Southeastern Commercial Finance
Southeastern Commercial Finance
is an independent commercial lending and bank consulting company serving the Southeast. With offices in Birmingham, Nashville, and Central Florida the company offers direct lending services, commercial loan bank participation, and commercial credit monitoring services for companies in start-up, emerging growth, and turnaround stages of development.


TransMolecular is a neuroscience biotechnology company committed to discovering, developing, and commercializing novel and proprietary products to diagnose and treat disorders and diseases of the central nervous system having inadequate pharmaceutical alternatives. TMI has focused on markets in neurooncology and neuropathic pain. It has built strong technology platforms to enable its drug discovery and development programs in cancer using a synthetic peptide which naturally occurs in certain scorpion venoms, and in neuropathic pain using sodium ion channels

Universal Apparel
Universal Apparel is a junior misses apparel designer and wholesaler. The company fulfills shipments to over 500 clothing companies from its distribution center located in EC’s 1215 building

Verari Systems Software
Verari Systems Software is a developer of middleware for cluster computing and parallel programming environments. The company also offers consulting and training services on middleware standards and high-performance applications. Verari’s mission is to provide the industry’s fastest standards based computing solutions for technical and creative professionals with the lowest possible total cost of ownership in the most dense form factor possible.

Zertis Technologies

Zertis is a provider of custom software solutions to help healthcare organizations integrate business processes and data flows, including patient records management, accurate billing systems, scheduling, regulatory information tracking and payroll systems. By combining healthcare industry experts with the latest technology resources and programming engineers, Zertis delivers customized technology solutions throughout the healthcare industry.