Application Procedures
OADI receives over 80 inquiries a year from aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners interested in our services and facility. For consideration as a hosted company in OADI, please contact our office to fill out a pre-application and schedule an appointment with the Vice President for Client Services.

Prospective tenants must have a written summary of their business model, preferably a complete business plan. Applicants must provide personal financial information as well as agree to a credit check.

  • Call (205) 943-6560 for an appointment with the Vice President, Client Services
  • Complete Pre-application
  • Complete Business Plan
  • Provide Personal Financial Information


* Emerging service or information technology business
* Full time commitment of entrepreneur
* Job creation potential
* Ability to export product or service beyond Jefferson County
* Potential to replace currently imported products
* Business that is financed or financeable


Due to the nature of our business incubator program, the following new businesses are ineligible for consideration in the Entrepreneurial Center:

* Retail
* Construction contractors
* Businesses whose primary job creation is commissioned sales, such as real estate and insurance
* Professional counselors, such as accountants, attorneys and financial planners